Baptism Preparation for Infants

So, you want to have your child baptized? This is a wonderful gift for your child, eternal life in Jesus Christ, and membership in His Church. This is also an important decision on your part because as the parents, you are the first teachers of your child in the practice of the faith. We must teach what we believe, and practice what we teach.

Since Baptism is the welcoming of a person into the Christian Community, baptisms are normally celebrated at 10.15am -- shortly after our Sunday 9.00am Mass. Of course, if you have special needs, the Baptism can be arranged for a time and date to suit your particular circumstances.


Before the Baptism, Fr Giovanni will require the parents to attend a Baptisimal Preparation meeting. During that meeting he will inform you about the practical details of the ceremony, and reflect with you on the meaning of the Sacrament.

Before coming to the preparation meeting, please print out and read our webpage about the meaning of baptism, here. We will discuss that article at the preparation meeting.

If you child is older than 6 years of age, then they will need to receive some instruction from our Parish Catechist about the Catholic faith before receiving the Sacrament. The number of sessions required will depend on the age and faith development of your child.

If you have chosen a date for your baptism, please call Fr. Giovanni on 9593 4670 to book the Baptism.



Your child must have at least one Catholic Godparent who is over 16 years of age. Other adults who are not Catholic may be chosen to be sponsors. Before choosing Godparents, please read our webpage 'choosing a Godparent'.
The role of Godparent is a great honour and privilege, but sadly, sometimes the role is taken too lightly. Please read and print out the role of Godparents webpage, and give a copy to those you have chosen to be Godparents

White Garment

You will need to dress your child in a white garment (a dress for girls, or white shirt for boys), or alternatively you may bring a white shawl to the Baptism, and drape your child in the white shawl after receiving the Sacrament. The white garment symbolizes the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ, which cleanses us in the depths of our souls from every stain of sin.

Baptism Candle

You will also need to bring a white Baptism candle, which symbolizes that your child, though Baptism, is enlightened by Christ who is �the light of the world�. The Baptism candle may be a special candle that you decorate for the occasion; it may be a plain white candle, or you may wish to purchase a special Baptism candle from our Church Piety Stall.

Baptism Offering

Many parents ask whether an offering is required for baptism. Although some people make a donation to the parish at the conclusion of a baptism ceremony, it is certainly not expected. It was Jesus himself who said "freely you have received, freely give." (Mat 10:8) In other words, the sacraments are God's gracious gift to us, and the Church always gives them freely.

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