Leadership Teams


The Parish Council is a body representative of the whole parish. It is a consultative body and as such has a duty to provide advice and constructive assessments to the parish priest. It is involved in the prudent policy making, goal planning and setting of the objectives for the development of Christian ministry within the parish.

Fr Francis Nguyen (Parish Priest)
Geordie Thuijs – St Bernadette’s Principal (Chairperson)
Cathy Flynn (Vice Chairperson)
Maureen Barrett (Prinicpal. St Bernadette's Catholic Primary School)
Monica Hunter
Tony Brandt
Judy Payton
Christine Stock
Alan Stock


The Finance Committee is an essential part of our Community. It welcomes people to join in this important role not only by joining the Finance Committee but by serving in associated roles such as Collectors at Mass, Counters and Planned Giving Programme.

Claude Coutinho (Chairperson)
Joe Andrews (Vice Chairperson)
Edith Vimpany (Secretary)
Isaac Hilton (Treasurer)
Angie Raharuhi
Michael Turner


The main objective of the Liturgy Committee is to facilitate the smooth, reverent celebration of our weekly Mass. The committee also aims to ensure the special celebrations such as Holy Week, Easter and Christmas are commemorated in a spiritually uplifting way.


Fr Francis Nguyen
Cathy Flynn
Lucia Allison
Bev Moolman

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